2016 - In Doha Again



Doha is a buzz of infrastructure construction. The projects include new roads, a subway system, many shopping malls along with the 2022 World Cup stadiums. Shown is the largest.

The Khalifa International Stadium will accommodate 40,000 spectators and be completely cooled, including the field, all seats and concourses,

It seems I was caught enjoying myself at the front of a classroom.
Many of my classes are in this lab and others like it.

Four ladies from one class wanted a selfie so I got one too.

The lady in red is holding and example connection that they just completed.

I was invited to attend a leaving-lunch for a couple of the instructors who are leaving after eight and ten years. Both are retiring back to Canada.
Many Doha streets are lined with palm trees. These date-palms will be ready for harvesting soon.
The green web-bags help collect dates and ease harvesting
I met friends Marilyn (from Toronto), Jar and Nit for lunch when I was in Chiangmai during a semester break in April.
Jar and Nit help me with my Thai language and take me to visit Buddhist temples.
They also like to party....
...and party....
...and party....
Nit and Jar have many businesses making and selling a range of products from jewelry to cosmetics.
This is one of Jar's project. It is a beaded shawl that will adorn a Buddha near Bangkok.
Aaron rides his bike from his home in Etobicoke to work downtown Toronto (about 15 kilometers).
A kiss from wonderful Duke.

Amy-Amp was supposed to help me with my Thai language. She is from Chiangmai and is working in Doha. Unfortunately, I did not do my part studying. We did have a couple of pleasant dinners.

Amy is now in Cancun, Mexico cheffing in a tourist restaurant. I will see her back in Chiangmai some day.

Jar with a couple of their many dogs. One of them is called Perfume
Aaron has business opportunities to visit Brad in Vancouver. Both enjoy.
I often meet Jar and Nit at the little restaurant in our compound. Convenient and enjoyable.
My hair salon in Chiangmai. There is little English spoken so I'm never sure of the outcome.

Doi Inthanon is the highest point in Thailand at 2565 meters.

Nit organized a van trip when Nathen was visiting.

The tour include many Buddhist temples. Temple often have dedicated animals. This temple has chosen the rat.
Nathen with the ladies.
It was a cold and rainy day.....still enjoyable.
Lots of food in Thailand to enjoy.
Nathen enjoyed the surf during our visit to the island of Phukett.
I traveled to Myanmar for a week during the summer. The temples are huge and the people are very poor compared with Thailand.
We went on a day trip to Maekampong. A lovely little town with waterfalls and great restaurants.
Lots of sun and great views of the valley.
We were joined by their friend Toi.
Proud of the little bump back in October. Stevie is much larger now.
Stevie and Aaron have set up the nursery for the little guy arriving Feb 2017. Duke and Bear-Bear are ready.



The new Cameron car. Notice Stevie is larger.

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