2011 Review


Sherry and Barry Eastwood visited Hilton Head for early January.
I continued to paint.
Janet's brothers gave her a birthday surprise by arriving in Hilton Head for a weekend visit.


Back in Toronto, Aaron's April federal election campaign was a learning experience.
The politician sponsored a T-ball team and became a coach to boot.
I visited brother Nathen in Victoria with an opportunity to get a great night shot of the harbour with the parliment buildings in the foreground.
Aaron's grandfather, Fred visited Toronto on his way to Kingston.
....great to see Fred and Aaron together...
...and with Stevie.

..back in Hilton Head with me on the beach.

Notice that Janet is not in the picture...because she is no longer 'in the picture'.

A visit to Edmonton allowed me to enjoy a brief visit with Don and Betty Manuel, and the Harrison family.
Friends Tim and Les hosted a going away for me in August as I was preparing for Qatar.
Tim likes to get in the picture.
We had a great dinner....here with Linda Hartley.
The after dinner entertainment was a dresss-up.
..the ladies (Les, Linda and Carla) also had an opportunity to play.  
Carla was also busy decorating and selling my Toronto house. She did a wonderful job.  
After a few weeks of classes I went to Thailand to see the flood for myself...and for some shopping.  
I am enjoying my new apartment and I look forward to 2012 challenges.  
Squash is among the many world class sports sponsored by the Qataris. This event included the top three ladies in the world. In January it's professional tennis and golf tournaments.  




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