2013 Review



Lots happened in 2013 including a trip to Canada, a wedding proposal and fun in Doha.


I recently attended the St. Andrews Ball. One lady tried to put her hand up my kilt....so dangerous.
Aaron now owns the 1974 MGB. It comes complete with a tweed hat.

A weekend at the Marriott for late brunch with college friends.

The outdoor weather is a Middle East attraction.

Dancing of course.
The big news is that Aaron and Stevie Thomas are engaged. The wedding plan is summer 2015.
Stevie told me she was very surprise.....and happy.
One of a set of recent portfolio photos Stevie's agent will circulate.
I enjoyed three weeks with Aaron and Stevie during the summer. It was a pleasure to have time with Aaron and Stevie with many lunches, dinners and quiet time.
Stevie's poodle Bear-bear became a great friend. He and Duke guard the apartment.
This is Bear-bear's method to make humans feel guilty.
Duke and Bear-bear waiting for Aaron and Stevie to return.

Duke relaxing.

Duke's naughty pose.
...and with Aaron
Stevie invited me join her 'girls night'. Vanessa is one of her friends.
....and all were merry.....
Stevie snuggling Vanessa
Aaron in the middle.  
The apartment has a wrap-around view of the city. This is looking to the east.  
This is to the West  
...and this is the south...Roger's Center and Lake Ontario are in the distance...  

These two photos are from my visit summer 2012.

The light and colours (and the subjects) created great photos

Notice Duke giving Aaron a kiss....too cute.  
Another great evening with friends from 2012. Aaron has known Johnny Ocallaghan for more than twenty-five year.  

I returned to Doha mid-August 2013 with new three year contract. Following are few images of the city architecture.

It is wonderfully creative as the city competes with Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The investments in buildings and other infrastructure is beyond imagination.  
I live in a six story apartment building with eighty or so Canadians from the college. The roof is an opportunity to get out. In the evenings I scurry up there to take sunset photos and meet whoever is getting some air.  
One sport is watching the traffic. It is often comical.  
This is my view of the desert . Arabs will pitch tents even if it is in the city.  
There are beautiful desert sunsets.....  
....lighting up the western sky.  
My camera also points to the moon.  
One of the college events is called 'Global Village'. I was invited to participate by some of the students.  
Each semester the instructors enjoy a fish and chips lunch at the golf course.  
A Summer 2013 highlite was a bargeque at Ovunc's house. It was a wonderful afternoon with Ezgi, Mother Gonul, Ovunc, Stevie and Aaron, and the twins.  
Selin and Kaan enjoyed Stevie reading stories while Bear-bear kept his eye on the barbeque.  
Ovunc and Aaron on duty.  

Stevie and Gonul on a great afternoon.


See more barbeque photos here.





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