The Philippines April 2010


The destination was Borocay, a small island a one hour flight from Manilla.

Aaron recommended it because it is a 'destination' for South Koreans.

It is truly a most beautiful beach setting, however it was too touristy for me.

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The flight was a great opportunity to see the Philippine islands.

I'm sure there are great places on other islands.

There were many fish farms all along the coast.
After landing at a small airport I was taken to the ferry to Borocay Island. room was just behind me.

There were few people on the beach most of the time.
Great sunsets every day.
I had many of my meals at this restaurant near my hotel.

Back to Manilla. A large city with limited appeal.

Much poverty yet the people were very friendly and it was interesting to see this large city tick.


This was the street below my hotel room.

It is a restaurant during the day.


It is a place to sleep at night.

Thousands of people sleep on the streets.


Many children were also living on the steet. This small girl knew how to pull at heart strings.

They were sitting outside our hotel.


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