2014 comes to an end as I move from Qatar to Chiang Mai, Thailand.



I cannot resist a brief 2013 highlites review / update.

You can scroll quickly if you have looked at the 2013 photos.


Aaron and Stevie Thomas are engaged. The wedding plan is July 2015.

Stevie seems pleased.


Stevie has joined the Toronto school board to teach elementary school French.



Me and the boy.

This clearly means Bear-Bear wants food. Notice the concentration....telemetry likely.
It was great to see friends like Johnny-O.
The family; so far.

I enjoyed three weeks with Aaron and Stevie during the summer. It was a pleasure to have time with them for lunches, dinners and quiet time.

Notice Duke giving Aaron a kiss.


2013 ended with a Thailand tour. Aaron and Stevie met me in Bangkok...we toured...and met back in Bangkok.

They visited Japan on the way back to Canada and I returned to Qatar.


I returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a week in April 2014.

Chiang Mai is defined by a four sided (1 mile on each side) wall and moat.

The city is 700 years old. Long ago the moat and walls protected the city.
The walls and gates are classic.
The Nimmanhaemin area where I had a temporary condo is great for shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Motorcycles make traveling easier and fun.

I enjoy traveling with these impromptu and temporary 'motorcycle gangs'.

This is the entrance to the Chiang Mai Australian consulate.....rather casual.
The market I use.
The little person is curious about me taking his photo.
A view from my Chiang Mai condo in July. I stayed for the month to decide if I wanted to live there.
There are 300 Buddhist temples in the region.  
Street food is inexpensive and tasty. This is a food stall heading to work.  
Back in Doha, the roof of my building provided a view of a subway construction site.  
This is the same view two years ago....desert.  
This Qatar museum construction site is one of the major construction projects.  
A Toronto visit in October gave me chance to drive the MGB to Aaron's storage. It in now at his home in the garage.  
It is in great shape for Aaron and Stevie to enjoy.  

This is their Etobicoke townhouse.

One of the 'engagement photos'.  
Friend Ian Mattews and I enjoyed the pool and a pint at the Doha Rugby Center.  

The last day at the college three students came by to say farewell. I taught them in a circuit analysis class a few years ago. It was a delight to get to know them.

The two on the left are continuing their education in the U. K.

The lady on the right will attend York in Toronto.


I arrived in Chiang Mai December 20th ... Qatar is now history.

It was delightful to happen on the Nimman Snow Festival near my temporary condo.


The children, who may never have seen snow enjoyed playing in the fifty truck loads of pure white fine sand.

Since Chiang Mai is in the north of Thailand there are no beaches so the sand had double pleasure.

The adults meandered about watching the children play.  
...and taking many photos.  
Friends Deb and Petar met me for dinner during their Thailand vacation from Doha. Petar and I worked together at the college.  
Christmas 2014 celebration in Toronto.  
A light brunch and email on a local deck in Chiangmai.  


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