August to December - 2017

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At the local restaurant again.

I think I'm really small.
Wow, they are really big....
Perfume came for a visit.
The boys found a quiet place during the Sunday market.
...traveled to Toronto to see Stevie, Levon and Aaron.
Three generations.
Levon is a happy little person.
....first 'real' food.
Dear Duke left us in September. He loved us for many years and will be missed.
Tee is having one more beer.
A trip north with Tee to Chiang Rai province.
To a restaurant in the mountains.
Another evening at my house.
Levon experienced his first snow. Look at that red nose.
Tee and I visited the beach at Cha am (near Hua Hin) for a couple of days.
Great beaches
Lots of fishing. I think this is for shrimp, etc.
And this one for crabs and other shell fish.
Friends Donna and Stephen visited for a few days. More reason to party.
...and party.
Nit photo bombed a Jar and Tee photo.
...more fun..
We had a quiet Christmas dinner with Nit in Bangkok visiting her Mother.
Joined by Nit's Mother, I am shown with five Buddhists if you count Perfume the dog. Thai people enjoy any opportunity for celebration including Western and Chinese.
I am fortunate to have a group of wonderful friends.
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