January to July 2017 - New Guy in Town

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All were peaceful enjoying the winter weather.
But the boys became expectant.
The 'Pampers Party' was a success. A new millennial's event....think baby shower.
The real 'baby shower'.
And Levon arrives.
Dad is happily put to work.
He is cute.
....the first post delivery snuggle....
In other news, I had a weekend excursion to Dubai.
Metro travel was efficient and user friendly.
The metro was busy with many foreign workers.
...found a bar in my hotel....
...the worlds biggest mall.....they say......
It certainly is big.
An evening with Donna and her husband Stephen. I met Donna in 2009 while teaching together. That led to many enjoyable evenings.
I enjoyed and had fun with many of my students. This group were always enjoyable. The ladies are twins from Egypt.
Friend Jar with perfume.
Lots of good food in Thailand.
I do make an effort to make some meals healthy.
We visited a restaurant in the mountains about an hour from Chiangmai
Lucky me with four ladies.
With me are Jar and Tee.
My favorite.
Nit and I share many Leo beers.
A meal nearby for CAN$2.50.
On the other side of the world Aaron and Stevie are enjoying Levon. I plan to visit in September.
Buddha Day was celebrated May 10 marking the day Buddha was born, reached his enlightenment 35 years later and the day he died. Many Thai people go to their temple to make merit or offerings. I went with Nit and Jar.
Nit and Jar were 'making merit' by providing embroidered Buddha drapings. Jar does the stitching.
The clothes are offered to the temple and received by the monks.
Then the Monks placed the cloths on the Buddhas.
The decorated clothes are a significant improvement on the plain covers they replaced.
This is Jar's childhood temple so it was a significant contribution.
I enjoyed a mid-May week in Hanoi. The intersection out of my hotel window was enthralling. Traffic seemed to look after itself even when some took shortcuts.
I enjoyed watching....organized chaos.
Everything seemed to be delivered by motorbike including eggs. A slight collision would be a mess.
Must be a gardener.
Portable salad bar?
Families commuters were common.
A large older market.....
....and a new market offering everything imaginable.
Levon at three months in May,
Visitors from Turkey to meet Levon.
Cameron family on the deck.
The boy and the boy.
Dinner at my place -Thai style. Five ladies using Thai gave me an opportuity to study tones.
A snale visited my garden during a rain storm. I live in nature.
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