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Tee was up early to catch the rising big, big sun.

She got it too.
Aaron is delighted that Fred and Gonul are now living in Toronto. They have many lunches.
Thomas is a new friend from Thai language class. He is retired French military. Last posting was military attache in Afghanistan.
This orchid in my front garden bloomed for six months.
Beautiful Tee.
A trip to the Lanna Heritage Museum was worth it.
The Lanna Kingdom (1262 - 1775) created wonderful art and architecture.
There were lots of old stuff too.
A colony of raft restaurants are about thirty-minutes from my house around a reservoir.
The little houses are a thrill for Pun Pun.
Servers deliver food and beverages as we dangle our feet in the water.
Night out with Tee.
I joined the family early one Saturday morning for Tam boon...providing necessities for the monks.
An example of the many flowering trees at the Chiang Mai University park.
Lunch with Tee.

Tee with cousin Ann.

We traveled to a temple in the mountains to donate (Tam boon) food to the monks

Ann with her family joined by some friends.

Tee with cousins Pai and Pear.


The Monk insisted I sit in a place of honour. Not sure why.
Tee and I with Pai, Ann, Dum, Pear and Peat.
Thailand's Family Day is celebrated with traditional dress. Tee and Pun are Lanna ladies.
Pun with sister Pai
Tee and I have regular walks in my neighbourhood.
Aaron with Stevie and Levon.
Levon with Mom and Stevie's Mother Susan
Boys need a good bath with lots of toys.
Tee and I joined family and friends at a reservoir an hour from Chiangmai. It is a wonderful lake cradled in the hills with lots of toys.
The hotel is floating so named it is called 'Mountain Float'.
The hotel is floating so named it is called 'Mountain Float'.
The hotel is floating so named it is called 'Mountain Float'.
Yes, it was a party.
All children had fun.
Tee with long-time friend Oy.
Levon enjoying summer.
Levon enjoying summer.

The group of us traveling to Laos for a four-day excursion.

All are Tee friends from university and work.

The destination in Laos was Vang Vieng along the Mekong River.
Dinner in Vientiane the Laos capital. Thailand is across the Mekong in the distance.
Rainy season makes everything a beautiful green.
Many Saturday mornings the monks travel the street outside Tee's parent's house to receive Tam boon.

Tee with parents.

Part of the traditional Thai wedding has the bride washing parents feet. She is asking for forgiveness for the trouble she caused her parents.

Parents receiving gifts is part of the wedding.
Tee showing her father photos of our time together.
Tee showing her mother photos of our time together.
We went to dinner after the wedding.
Back in Chiangmai we had a family dinner with Tee's cousins and their families.
Showing off the wedding rings.

The four children said

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