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Aaron was in Vancouver for a business event and was able to have time with my brother Brad.

Both enjoy buildings and Vancouver sights.
Tee's young cousin became a monk during his grandfather's funeral. He was not pleased to loose his hair for the event.
Stevie and Aaron enjoying Toronto.
Stevie is holding Levon and Spartacus new family addition.
Aaron and family have many weekends at Stevie's Mother's cottage by a lake.
Tee and I joined friends on a BMW sponsored mini-marathon in Chiangmai. The combination of bad air quality and my knees prevented us from a long walk....just the fun.
We did qualify for the medals for some reason.....advertising I suppose.
Aaron and Stevie on vacation in the USA.
Aaron and Stevie on vacation in the USA.
Levon is obsessed with the cartoon characters in Paw Patrol.
Aaron took him to a live Paw Patrol show in Toronto

Aaron and a friend started a podcast related to their work (commercial mortgages) with First National.

They conduct interviews at related events across Canada.

I listen to the podcasts when I am on exercise walks.

There are some wonderful walking areas related to Chiangmai University....and places to rest weary knees.
...and blossoms....

...and interesting tree trunks. I have many tree trunk photos. Multiple trunks and freeloading vines are most interesting.

They use tree trunks to climb higher up to the sunlight...crafty for sure.

Pun Pun with her Mother Kea.
Pun Pun with the rest of the performers at a music recital.
Pun Pun looks nervous before her performance.
Yes, as the tee-shirt says, Levon will have a little brother in September 2019.

The couch will become more crowded with a little brother.

Clark the cat is missing.


Thai's like to eat at restaurants resulting in large numbers of Asian food options.

We enjoy this Japanese grill restaurant.

I am constantly impressed with the number and variety of restaurants in the Chiangmai region.

Adjacent countries including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam contribute to the variety as well as Japan and Korea.

We also have Mexican, Indian and just bar food.

Aaron's long time friend Trevor visited Thailand for a few weeks.
We had a chance to show Trevor parts of Chiangmai for a couple of days before he headed to Phukett / Patong and the beach.

Tee with her Mother ready to visit the temple.

Offering tamboon (food, etc,) for the Monks is a regular temple activity.

Tee and I enjoy opportunities for play with Pun. She comes to our house to play.
Thai New Year celebration is in April. The visit to hometown and family included a small coffee shop with many toys for children and adults.
...and hats..
Kai and Ann are Tee's cousins.
..Tum and Ann enjoy toys too.

After years of decimating forestry few large old trees remain in Thailand. Elephants were used to move the logs to the rivers to float to ocean vessels and then sold abroad.

Many temples protect old trees like this one.

It makes Pun look so small.


Aaron family moved to a new Toronto house with a large deck to better enjoy time with Levon, animals and friends.

And a beer after work.

An opportunity for Levon to feed Aaron as a change.
I encourage Tee use work gloves when working at the farm.

Tee's Mother was very proud of the two-pound mushroom from the family farm.

I have been surprised by the number of mushroom types adding to the variety in Thai food.

Part of my routine is to attend Thai language classes four days a week. Fellow students were from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Vietnam.
Tee and I had a short vacation in Pattaya. Just fun at the beach with different restaurants and fresh air.
Lots of beach walks and touring the many public beaches in the surrounding area.
Each local small beach seemed to have refreshments (..OK beer..) and food.
...and Wi-Fi..
Bike rentals at the hotel were useful....
...and fun.
Tee regrets allowing this photo showing a bit of snow on top. Age is more obvious sometimes.

Aaron and Stevie's new boy and my grandson:

Lachlan William Frederick Cameron

7lbs 7oz. Just like Aaron

Born at 9:05pm - September 21, 2019


Levon is delighted with his little brother Lachlan.

Happy family. Lachlan seems camera shy.

More likely he is avoiding the unfamiliar light.

Levon with Grandpa Fred visiting from Turkey.

The Thi Lo Su Waterfall was the objective for our October trip with Tee's university and work friends.

It is the largest and highest in Thailand. At 250 meters it is three times higher than Niagara Falls.


The first day was 9 hours journey heading south-west on mountain roads. The last four hours included one-thousand plus turns.

Some in the van took sickness prevention so fortunately we didn't have any incidents.


This is our fourth vacation with the same group.


Access to the river required four-wheel drive pickup trucks.

The washed-out road prevents cars from reaching the waterfalls.


We floated down the river for three hours covering thirteen kilometers.

The scenery included small waterfalls, granite cliffs and interesting jungle vegetation. .

After the raft trip we again took the four-wheel trucks to the national park and the waterfall.  

I found this trek through the jungle to the waterfall challenging.

It was 1.5 kilometers on the cement slab up-and-then-down-and then up again followed by down again.

The waterfall was very loud and ready for many photos.  

The last evening was at a tourist restaurant / casino complex on a tourist part of Myanmar.

Friends joined us for food with entertainment provided by some of our ladies.

It was a great four - day trip.

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