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2020 life goes on inspite of the coronavirus.

Just stay safe.



First some catch up from 2019 and a visit to Danang, Vietnam.

The plane landed, we checked in and immediately the ladies needed the market to be fitted for the Vietnam national dresses.

Tee's cousin Pai with father KumJai....
...and then with mother Kea and sister Pun.
Tee with good friends Oy and Al.
Sexy Asian lady in the alley needed a photo.

Gonul and Fred with new grandson Lachlan.

Fred and Gonul are now in Turkey.

Lachlan with mom and dad.
I have a chance to help with pruning at the family home.
Tee in the morning beside a papaya tree in the yard at family home.

Tee helping her mother learn to use her new mobile telephone.

It was challenging. It was her mother's first telephone without push buttons.


'Thai style' eating always includes many shared dishes.

It challenges western sensitivities with many hands in the dishes.


Linda and David Hartley visited Cambodia and Thailand in January.

Luckily they were back in Canada before a forced quarantine.


The ancient Chiangmai temples are appealing.

Most were built during the Lanna empire.

This is one of many temples in Chiangmai often funded and dedicated to ancient kings.
Lunch in the mountains at a friend of Tee's restaurant .
The western mountain range are also the origin of irritating forest fire smoke.
A family event allowed the ladies to wear their Vietnam dresses.
A family dinner fare....with many Thai and Chinese dishes.
Tee found a flower farm not far from our house.

It's hard to resist including many photos of the Toronto family.

They are all so photogenic.

....and clean.
Lachlan has apparently three states .....sleeping, crying and smiling broadly.
Aaron has been great to send weekly appreciated barrages of photos and videos.
Levon's third birthday party was in February.

The party was a great success judging from the sleep on the ride home.

Well done Stevie and Aaron.


We moved into a new house in April. It has four bedrooms.

A ground floor bedroom (now my office) may be perfect for me when the stairs are too challenging.


Tee’s father insisted on sleeping in the empty house to check on the spirits.

Tee’s explanation was, 'it's cultural’.

In the morning he reported the house is free of bad spirits.

Tee's father also provided the Buddha for our upper hallway.
Pun is a regular visitor.

She is five and a very active young lady.

She learns yoga at her school.


The new house gives Tee hours of gardening pleasure.

A garden was one of the major reasons for the move to the new house.

Tee beside the same papaya tree with fruit almost ready to harvest.
Mu ka ta (pork pan) is very common Thai favorite combining roast pork with vegetable soup.



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