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2021 life goes on

This year was mainly quiet at home in Chiangmai.

Just stay safe.


Tidying up for last year we had Christmas evening with friends where we had too much fun.

....OK, and too much beer.
The restaurant used our party on their web site.
Tee visited Bangkok and Pattaya with friends.
Very talented using both hands.
Cousin Pun Pun is shy so photos are challenging.
Aaron is sending wonderful family photos and videos so Tee and I can enjoy the boys.

Not sure if cat Kent is enjoying the hug. Good for Stevie to monitor.

Camerons in the winter.

Levon's fourth birthday cake.

Lachlan is ever curious.

Tee with last photos of my bike before it travels to her father to use on the farm.

Thailand road hazards prevented me from using it for the past three years.

Tee's father can make better use of it traveling to his farm.

Orchids at Tee's family house.

Notice the cute little faces on the petals.

I can take no credit for Tee's gardening skills.
Yes, there are many Tee photos.
The garden is Tee's enjoyment.
She is also the main gardener for her family property about 90 minutes away.

Thailand has three seasons.

March to June is hot season.

July to October is rainy season. My favourite.

November to February is cool season.


Thailand has an abundance of fruit with many varieties. All areas have unique local fruit..

Except for bananas and a few others, fruit availability and cost are seasonal.


She often puts me to work.


Many of the Thailand flowering plants are new to me.

The first day of nursery school for Lachlan.

He doesn't seem too happy about it.


Easter wonderment.


The boys.

Aaron was working from home much of the year.

...mother and father...
Dim sum again for lunch.
April-May gives us many beautiful flowering trees.
Pun is like glue when Tee is around.
They are happy together.
Teenagers the world over are glued to social media.....also true when the girls visit.
Tee with family at Chinese restaurant for birthday dinner.
Toronto Blue Jays fans of course.
The boys. What fun.
Birthday with cousins.

Tee is a wonderful friend, wife and partner.

Yes, I get this look some times. Sometimes I like to give her a hard time. So I deserve the look.


She reminds me often that Thai women are dangersous.

She is so cute when she is threatening.

Levon and Lachlan with Aaron and Stevie.

The Boys

Levon is 4 and Lachlan is 2 this year.



We can toast an enjoyable year at home.

With friends after a rare dinner out.  
Ready for the morning walk routine.  
Making pancakes is fun.  
Merry Christmas to everyone.  



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