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2021 life goes on.

This year will be better.

Just stay safe.


Tidying up for last year we had Christmas evening with friends where we had too much fun.

....OK, and too much beer.
The restaurant used our party on their web site.
Tee visited Bangkok and Pattaya with friends.
Very talented using both hands.
Cousin Pun Pun is shy so photos are challenging.
Wow red wine again.
...and with dinner.
Aaron is sending wonderful family photos and videos so Tee and I can enjoy the boys.

Not sure if cat Kent is enjoying the hug. Good for Stevie to monitor.

Camerons in the winter.
...and with Levon and Lachlan in the bath.
Lachlan's first day at daycare.

Lachlan's first day at daycare.

He appears happier than Levon.


Levon's fifth birthday cake.

Lachlan is ever curious.

Brothers at play.
Tee with last photos of my bike before it travels to her father to use to and from the farm.
Danger prevented me from using it for the past three years.
Orchids at Tee's family house.

Orchids at Tee's family house.

Notice the cute little faces on the flowers.

Yes, there are many Tee photos.
The garden work is Tee's enjoyment.



She often puts me to work.









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