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Another enjoyable year in Chiangmai.

Life is good in this wonderful country.


Grandmothers enjoying Christmas 2022 fun with their boys.

Levon with a new hair doo.
Still have the bike to ride when at Ratee's parents.
The visit to Krabi included significant Monsoon wave challenges.
Thai Mermaid?
Levon (6) Lachlan (4) this year.
Pink theme for birthday dinner.
Chicken feet apparently go well with beer. Not my idea.
We had to have bananas in the garden. This young tree bravely made an effort to produce fruit.

Not many photos of me.

My dermatologist and cardiologist tell me every six months that I am OK.

Pun and Ratee make happy.
Lovely lady.
Three generations of Ratee's family.

Beautiful Thai ladies. It is interesting to watch seventeen-year-old cousins (on the left) deal with normal life changes. Fortunately they have good parents.

Ratee is often helpful.

Asian ladies delight in photo-ops. Thousands of images net one or two 'keepers'.
Ratee is very proud of the tomato(es) from her garden.
Ratee is very proud of her kale we use in smoothies every morning.

Typical result of a trip to the market.

I am discouraged from buying local fruit and vegetables.

They are very different from those available in Canada so my choices are not always good..

Part of Aaron's menagerie.
Lachlan is painting a wall in the 'boys room' since the expected little sister needs a bedroom.
Boys will always be boys.
Japanese takeout is popular in our house.
Aaron had time with brother Brad while on a business visit to Vancouver.
Notice the cat (Clark Kent) in the background.
Apparently this is a normal embrace.
A Chiangmai riverside wedding anniversary dinner.
Barbie craze in Thailand.
The big news in October was Adaline Cameron's arrival.



Aaron is happy.

Adaline may be crying or yawning.

Levon and Lachlan have a hospital visit to meet their little sister Adaline.
She is so small.
Quite sad that the dog was the only 'trick or treater'.
Date night.
Loy Kratong is a major celebration floating flowers down river with candles.
Family Disneyland-Hong Kong visit for Ratee.
Family Disneyland-Hong Kong visit for Ratee.  

Family Disneyland-Hong Kong visit for Ratee.

I call it fun with cousin Bun.

Family Disneyland-Hong Kong visit for Ratee.  
Big Adaline smile.  
Adaline looks so small beside the long legs.  
2023 and now they are five.  

They wanted a Christmas celebration so I was elected.

Wonderful evening with wonderful people.


Yes, a Merry Christmas 2023.


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