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2022 life goes on

Another quiet year in Chiangmai.

Just staying safe.


January orchids in our garden.

Lovely way to start the year.

Aaron with sons Levon and Lachlan.

In our garden.



I take no credit for the gardening.

The jungle climate requires constant pruning and maintenance.


The bike was retired this year. It's now at Tee's family house for us to use when we are there.

Too dangerous for an old guy to recover from an accident..

Tee family February diner.

Birthday dinner for Tee's cousin (with the flowers)..

I have a mask on because I did not understand the Thai language conversations to remove masks.

Oh well.



Typical Thai style meal with lots of choices.

We often have a carry-home snack.

Mother Stevie celebrating Levon's birthday.
Sisters Pai and Pun cooking outside.

Mornings January to April can be cool.

An overnight low of 13C is cold for us.

A sushi diner at home.

I notices a house with mango tree near the sidewalk on one of my morning neighbourhood walks.

There are so many mangoes in the market these are safe.

Levon and Lachlan enjoying some time away from the iPads.

I did a week-long dog sit with this little lovely.


She won.


Durian is known as Thailand's 'king of fruit'.

Thailand is the world's largest durian exporter in terms of both volume and export value.

The main customers are China and Hong Kong.

Very popular with Thai people. Too sweet for me.


Early days.

The extent of my gardening.

Tee's cousins now have two small Chihuahuas.
Aaron and Stevie took the boys for a Florida holiday.
Tee with her mother and father.
....and with cousins for a karaoke lunch.
Modeling while watering.
Niece Pun is like a daughter for tee.

Krabi province in southern Thailand was the first trip in three years.

This boat is the only access to the hotel. The floating dock is challenging during the monsoon winds and waves.

Fun on the beach.
Resting beside the pool.
With Pun and Tee's life-long friends in Krabi.
...friends again....
Back in Chiangmai, pumpkin-girl Pun gave treats to the neighbourhood children.
Stevie, Aaron with Levon and Lachlan.
Christmas is such fun for children, big and small.
Winter fun.
Notice no heavy clothing needed in Chiangmai.
Yes, Pun helped us enjoy Christmas.

I find this appetizer snack dangerous.

Mixing the nuts near the peppers is hazardous for me.

OK for Thai people of course.

New Years night with the family was a lamb roast dinner.



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