January to June - 2015

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Aaron with the brides maids gearing up for the wedding.
Chiangmai grocery store on wheels
Chiangmai restaurant on wheels
  April -May

This young mother appeared at my back door with three little ones.

I have been feeding them while watching them play and grow...fun.

They are juveniles now. I see them in the area occasionally

This guy lives in my kitchen feeding on all the little creatures that I do not want to know about.
I am looking forward to seeing Bear-Bear and Duke in Toronto this summer.
I manage three - four visits to the compound gym and pool each week.

Thailand roads are considered among the most deadly.

The Songkran water festival (Thai New Years) approaches when it is even more dangerous.


These birds are a terrible bother. They are noisy and cantankerous. Many fights between rival groups swarm at one another.


However, I do enjoy wondering how they deal with 'bad hair day' everyday.

My pool is a short walk and it is always empty.


Chiang Rai Visit

This is the Wat Rong Khun better known as theĀ White Temple. It is a new temple without monks and is a very popular tourist place.

I did not go inside because I am not a good tourist.

Town of Pai

A wonderful small town nestled in a lush valley three hours north of Chiang Mai. Six-hundred turns in the road made me queasy.

This guy was patiently waiting to eat anything smaller.
Low cost backpacker accommodations is an attraction to Pai. There were many young people from around the world.
OK....I don't do backpacker accommodations. This is the view from the terrace of my bungalow.
This restaurant / bar was almost totally made from bamboo.
The convenience-store-restaurant is about a three iron from my house. Handy for a beer in the afternoon and has a good Thai food menu.
A small market forms in front of the convenience store saturdays and sundays. Handy for wonderful soups....
...and fresh fruit.
The back of my house. The balcony on the right is off the guest bedroom.
The gym is a ten minute walk.
Morning sun comes in through the balcony door.
The dining room is part office.
I travel with a helmet and padded jacket.
I added a box on the back of the bike to help with shopping.
The cat lounging on my street shows there is little traffic.
Women are prominent on construction sites including strapping reinforcing bar.
Women also ride in the truck sorting the garbage as it passes along the street.
My shipment from Doha ready to unpack at the house in Chiangmai.

This is one of the more frugal 'Chiang Mai Traffic Police' vehicles.

Transportation for migrant workers is often an open vehicle. Many are from Myanmar or Cambodia, legally and otherwise.
I was surprised to find an MGB very similar to the one Aaron has now.

One difference is the driver sits on the other side in Thailand


I had to prove 'I was there'.

Thai children are provided with tremendous learning experiences and entertainment. This is a maze at a shopping center. Creativity and low wages make these events possible.
A children's show in a mall.

The stage.


More toys for the children.

I call it Chiang house.
Me in front of Chiang House

The outdoor sitting area beside the fish pond.



I enjoyed the sign on the Chiangmai burger truck.

'If a burger represented how much I love you, I would make a burger for you forever.'

...how heartfelt.



The Chiangmai theatre group did a short play during a January meeting.



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