July to December - 2015

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Aaron and his 'Groomsmen' lined up waiting for the bride to arrive.

Click HERE for the wedding page on the 'Stevie and Aaron' site.


The ceremony was in the forest beside the lake....just as Stevie had wanted.
Everyone enjoyed.
This is not a selfie.
I enjoyed my stay with the Hartley family for part of the Toronto visit.
An added bonus was to wish Ezgi a 'Happy Birthday' with brother Ovunc and mother Gonul.
Lovely people.
This Chiangmai cafe may provide the best coffee I have ever tasted....like nectar.
With friends Jack and his son Kenny (who is now at school in Michigan)
Rachael was one of my buddies on a wine tour.
No those are not all mine.

Many know I am not a good tourist so visiting 'Baan Dam' (the Black House) was a treat. It is a combination of art exhibit, museum and photo shoot just north of Chiangrai.

It is a few acres of 40-odd Lanna-style buildings. The main building is shown.

It was designed by renowned Thai artist Thawan Duchanee, who passed away in September, and is described as his greatest masterpiece. This exhibit of his work is adjacent what was his house.
One of the forty buildings.
The detail is extraordinary.
My current Thai language class consists of two Korean ladies, two American ladies and an Australian. Two additional Americans are not shown because they dropped out. Our teacher is back-left. I enjoyed the classes. Lots of fun.
We had a great lunch after one of the assessments. Beckie's husband and little one joined us.

Thailand has the highest taffic-death rate in the world.

Thankfully, helmets are required in Thailand. Sadly, that seems to be the extent of the legal requirement.

This motorbike had two extra feet. Mothers are often carrying babies.



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